Richard Cazares & Associates

Golden Memorial Insurance Sevices "Agency"

  • 25 years with Lincoln Heritage
  • Owned by the Barragan Family
  • Operating in 12 States
  • Largest Agency for Lincoln Heritage
  • Largest Final Expense Agency in the United States
  • 19.6 Million in 2010, 23 Million in 2011 (Recession Proof)

What we do?

We provide a simple and affordable solution with real value to a growing market through the Funeral Advantage Plan.

What is the Funeral Advantage Plan ?

  • Funeral Funding with the benefit of funeral planning.
  • Funding done with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Policy.
  • Funeral Planning done with services and guidence of Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.

Funeral Funding with Lincoln Heritage Life

  • A special fund for a special need.
  • Pays claims within 24 hours after receiving necessary paper work.
  • Outstanding customer service. No Automated Phone System.