Richard Cazares & Associates

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company offers total solutions for seniors who are concerned with taking care of their final expenses. Lincoln Heritage has partnered with Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, an independent senior consumer advocate organization that provides peace of mind with funeral planning.

We insure up to $35,000 or whatever $15 can buy (Normally $10,000 Plans) for Tranditional Funerals including the property or up to $7,000 for a Traditional Funeral with Cremation as final disposition.

Our Final Expense insurance plans are for people between the ages of 0 - 85 with good and poor health conditions. 99.9 percent of all people qualify. People with poor health can qualify for our Modified policy up to $15,000 of coverage.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurace Company has simplified underwriting, and no medical exams are required. Insurance is based on answers to health questions on the application.

  1. The customer monthly payment never goes up. (fixed payment)
  2. The customers coverage amount Never decreases as they get older.
  3. The policy builds cash value after the 2nd year.

The most important service you receive from Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is the payment of your non-contestable claim within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a death certificate.