Richard Cazares & Associates

Golden Memorial Insurance Agency

Why we have and advantage over the competition.

As most of you are aware, the Hispanic market is booming and the demand for producers in the Spanish language is now more pressing than ever. After many months of hard work translating, promoting and training for the new products, Lincoln Heritage was able to start releasing full Spanish policies, using spanish marketing brochures, backed by spanish service forms and spanish-speaking staff in the home office.

Why Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company????

  • Same day advances (Company receives Application, you get paid that Night)
  • 1 page Application
  • Simplified Issue
  • Fresh, Local, Exclussive affordable leads
  • Liberal Underwriting
  • 24 Hour Underwriting
  • Exotic incentive trips
  • Competetive group benefits: Life, Health, Dental, Individual or Family Plans
  • 24 Hour live help line
  • Fast claim service
  • FCGS - Exclussive policies (Stickier Policies)
  • True Residual Income
  • Affordable Policies